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Eco Web

Eco Web


Data Management and Reporting Software


HORIBA’s data management and reporting software for use in Ambient Air Quality and Meteorological monitoring. The software package provides data collection, management, analysis and reporting. Measured data and related information is stored in a high-end rational SQL database. The software can be used stand-alone or run on several machines in a network operating in Microsoft Windows environment. Communication between Central & Remote Stations works with a wide variety of communication links, such as direct connections, short haul modems, telephone (including cellular) and multi-drop. Data can be transferred to and presented in Internet pages according to customers requirements.


  • Collect data from Ambient Air Monitoring Stations


  • Manage and store collected data


  • Provide reports based on stored data


Data Management


  • All data stored in Microsoft SQL database.
  • Since amount of collected data grows up, for performance sake it is wise to move some data into Archive.
  • The EcoWeb provides easy mechanism to move data to and from archives, which is drastically improved performance.

Reporting There are several default reports available, in both graphical and tabular form with possibility to export to PDF/Word/ExcelThe averages – average values for specific components/time interval/stationsThe Histogram chartCorrelation chartsOut of limits tabular and graphic reportsThe reporting is flexible, and it is possible to add Ambient Air Network specific reports, if specification for such report would be provided.Detailed user manual, administration manuals and deployment manual are available in English.

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