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Air Pollution Multigas Calibrator
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Multigas Calibrator for AP Analyzers

Dilution of gases with high accuracy and precision requires high quality MFC’s, especially for high dilution ratios and ranges. Consequently HORIBA’s APMC-370 is equipped with digital MFC’s. These MFC’s are factory calibrated, optional also with a special Polynomial Calibration. HORIBA Europe‘s APMC-370 is designed to calibrate gas analyzers manually, remotely controlled or automatically. It is installed in air pollution monitoring stations for quality assurance in the laboratory and also in the production of gas analyzers.

A special feature of HORIBA’s APMC-370 is the big size touch screen panel, for ease of operation. Characteristic of the operation of HORIBA’s APMC-370 is the intuitive, simple and user friendly menu (for instance control of flow rate: µg/m³, mg/m³, ppb, ppm, automatic cycles etc.) Via the touch screen it is e.g. possible to enter span gas concentrations or to start automatic routines like multi point calibration cycles.

Routine sequences like calculating and adjusting span gas concentrations as well as complex flow patterns for multi point calibration cycles can be stored and easily activated. All functions are controlled by an internal CPU with a state-of-the-art 32-bit operating system. This internal microprocessor continuously calculates and displays the final gas concentrations in the selected units (µg/m³, mg/m³, ppb or ppm). Adjustment, monitoring and regulation of flow rates are done fully automatically. These cycles are programmed in the unit’s memory, thus time spent setting up calibrations on-site is minimized.

All critical operational parameters are monitored; any failure message will be displayed and transmitted via the interfaces. Integrated data logger: During multi point calibration cycles, the span gas concentrations switch automatically with the integrated data logger stores storing continuously the data of the connected gas analyzers. Afterwards data can be transferred to a standard browser via Ethernet connection for further evaluation.

HORIBA Europe’s APMC-370 is a modular system and can be adapted and upgraded any time to accommodate most of customer’s requests.